alsoo i feel really good abt myself i look really cute rn i love this collar i havent felt good abt my appearance in months and im happy right now and feelin positive this is good

thiss was for here -_

my main theme is so nice its a good aesthetic and its rly calming to me i love it

holy shit

holy shit

the feeling and sound of like. hooking something like a leash onto metal and then tugging on it to check it’s secure is really satisfying + fun and i love doing it

i went downstairs for juice and my dad surprised me and hooked my collar to a leash and it was funny until i got upstairs and realized this is my dead #dogs leash

i gave them the url and right after i remembered why i wasnt going to

i deleted my scenery and insp blog for this url and now i want it back i had a lot of pictures of cool bridges on there >:-(

i cant remember if ive eaten today or not but i have an Extreme Hunger

bbcv bffko

i feel soo sick